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Success Story: Hamburger Unternehmen ECKS MARINE bringt finnische Arbeitslampen auf den deutschen Markt

Mit Unterstützung des Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein erleuchten bald hochinnovative finnische Arbeitslampen Schiffsdecks in Hamburg und der Welt.

Illuminating the darkness - ECKS MARINE brings the unique worksite lights of TSR GROUP to German market

It might be the darkness of Finland’s winters that challenged the team of TSR GROUP to develop work lamps that can illuminate even the most challenging worksites. Their efforts resulted in a convincing, innovative product: With its’ modern LED technology and a design that does not waste a single ray of light, WorkLite™ obtains an incredible light output. The product convinces also with other Scandinavian values: It is ecologic, thanks to excellent energy efficiency and a fully recycable light’s body. And it is a practical and robust product, easy to install and built to last, even in harsh conditions.

The Finnish Enterprise Europe Network team at Turku Science Park Ltd supported TSR GROUP to bring their innovation to market and find international sales partners. In cooperation with German Enterprise Europe Network team at TUTECH INNOVATION a contact could be established to the Hamburg based company ECKS MARINE, which represents several innovative products of international suppliers, focussed on the German maritime sector. ECKS MARINE’S owner Torsten Ecks was at once impressed by the quality and advantages of the Finnish worksite lamps and their excellent suitability not only for construction sites but also for lighting on board of vessels: “It is a pleasure to introduce unique high quality products like WorkLite™ to the German market. The Enterprise Europe Network is a great platform to get in touch with promising innovative companies like TSR GROUP!” Combining the excellent Finnish product with the sector knowledge and client network in German market, both companies see a great potential for future growth based on their cooperation.

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