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Dialogue with the EU

Not everything always works "like clockwork" in the European Single Market. Problems with value-added tax, setting up a company in another European country, cross-border transport, the performance of services or the recognition of financial statements still sometimes hamper the everyday life of companies operating across national borders.


Feedback to the European Commission 

The Enterprise Europe Network collects feedback from companies and anonymously passes it on to the European Commission. The Commission evaluates the problems and incorporates the experiences into future legislative processes. Help to shape the best possible European policy for businesses.

Support in case of unfair decisions and discriminatory bureaucracy in another EU country. 

If your company is confronted with obstacles in another country because an authority does not comply with EU law, we are happy to help you get SOLVIT involved. 

Information and advice from independent EU lawyers                         

On the Your Europe - Advice portal, companies can find out about doing business within the EU and get advice on applicable EU legislation.